Back-up your cloud data

Sure, your data for services like Microsoft O365 Outlook, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Gmail or even SalesForce are stored in a secure data center that is designed to be the optimum environment for the equipment that stores your information. But, unless you pay extra (in the case of SalesForce) or have a back-up service in place, none of the information is backed up.

For instance, if you delete an email in O365 or Gmail, and later realize that you need it, there is no way to recover it without a back-up service.

I have a colleague who recently had their phone hacked. The phone had access to his business email account and the hackers had taken over his account and deleted all of his emails. All those emails were lost because his company had not subscribed to a back-up service for his account.

If this concerns you, please contact me to learn how to get a service in place to protect your important cloud-stored data.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Dave HansenBack-up your cloud data