Co-Sourced Service Offering

Do you have gaps in your IT support? Have a highly skilled IT person who keeps getting pulled away from mission-critical work to provide desktop support? Or maybe your staff is excellent at supporting your users but need help with network systems support. Either way, RSPN has a solution that will fit your unique needs.

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  • Network & Device Monitoring

    Our monitoring tools keep a close watch on your IT systems around the clock. In a co-sourced environment alerts can be directed to your staff or the RSPN team.

  • Device Patching

    Every computer has dozens of applications running that require regular updates and patches to close potential security holes. Our fully managed patching solution closes those holes quickly before they create a security threat.

  • Spam & Web Filtering

    Our industry-leading Spam filtering system will eliminate inbox clutter and remove most potentially dangerous phishing emails while web-filtering keeps your team from accidentally reaching a website known for spreading malicious software.

  • Anti-Virus Protection

    New virus threats arise everyday. That’s why our managed and constantly updated anti-virus protection is so critical to securing your valuable business information.

  • Help Desk

    Technical support for your team is just a phone call, email or text message away with our expertly staffed Help Desk allowing you to minimize lost time.

  • On-Site Support

    When on-site service is needed to support your systems or complete updates, our expert systems technicians will be there for you. Some packages include unlimited on-site service as needed.

  • Managed Firewall

    Implementing a fully-managed firewall is step one in security for your network. Choose an RSPN plan that includes this offering and get the right size appliance, all licenses and full support for this critical network component.

  • Solution Engineering

    Our Solution Engineers will provide expert-level plans for your IT needs. Whether you just need the right laptop or you want a plan to move to the cloud, we will engineer the appropriate plan to meet your specific needs.

Additional Services

  • Backup and Recovery

    A comprehensive network back-up solution should include three key components – 1. Automated – don’t rely on a person to make sure you’re backed-up – 2. Include a secure off-site back-up component to prevent lost data in the event of a physical loss of equipment storing data – 3. Recovery time from an event like a damaged or failed server needs to be minutes not hours, days or even weeks.

  • Vulnerability Scanning

    If information security is a top priority for you, having a periodic deep scan for any potential security weakness is advised. Our Vulnerability Scanning service will uncover those security gaps and resolve them to keep your business protected.

  • Backup Cloud Resident Applications

    It is a common assumption that data created in cloud applications like Microsoft O365 or Google Docs is automatically backed up. Unfortunately, this assumption is incorrect. Our solution will ensure you won’t lose critical information like emails or cloud-stored documents.

  • Project Help

    Have a big IT project to complete but lack the manpower or technical skills to plan and complete it when you need it done? RSPN can help. Whether you need help developing a scope of work, full project management or just need additional technical staff, we will offer exactly what you need to complete your project successfully and on time.

  • Email Archiving

    With email being such a critical communication tool in your business, having a system in place to store and retrieve emails becomes a vital tool.

  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

    Our SIEM service keeps a constant eye on activity on your most critical systems. If anything appears to be abnormal, we treat it as a potential cyber attack until it is eliminated or proven otherwise.

  • MDM (Mobile Device Management)

    Your cell phone probably allows you to access important business information like emails or even propitiatory company documents. MDM assists in locating a lost cell phone and can remotely remove all data if the phone cannot be recovered.

  • Employee Security Awareness Training

    Social Engineering tactics have become very sophisticated because humans are the weakest link in IT Security. Help your team be well prepared to defend your critical information with our ongoing training program.

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