Procurement Services

Opex or Capex?  Tired of trying to chase down the best deals on technology?  RSPN is here to back you up.  We will help with the analysis to ensure your operating or balance sheet decision is the right one.  We have capital purchase and lease capabilities to cover either decision.

We can also show the payback on rolling hardware that is getting aged vs. paying additional support dollars to keep that old gear up and running.

  • Hardware & Software Standardization

    Standardized devices across your organization. We will help manage warranty claims, spare parts and overall asset manage for your IT infrastructure.

  • Software purchase and monthly lease options.

    Let RSPN manage your software licenses to ensure your company is in compliance with the manufactures licensing policies. We have options for outright purchase or monthly usage.

  • Wide variety of manufacturers

    RSPN maintains relationships with most of the large OEM manufacturers of hardware and software to ensure you have choices in the best technology available.

  • Focus on total cost of ownership (TCO), not just price

    The RSPN procurement process is all encompassing. We apply a strategic sourcing model that shifts the focus from the initial price to understanding what the true cost is over the lifetime of the asset.

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