Not quite ready for the cloud and you have a backroom of servers that aren’t being utilized efficiently? By virtualizing your environment you will experience the benefits of reduced costs, increased performance and improved security.

A virtual server shares hardware and software with other virtual servers and operating systems and is one of the easiest ways to:

  • Reduce Costs — Optimizing your server reduces the need for additional servers as your business grows.
  • Performance Improvements — Programs, applications, and files will load faster so your employees will be more efficient than ever.
  • Data Backup Enhancements — Disasters can be devastating for any business. Server virtualization makes it easy to move a virtual server (or several) from one hardware server to another to get you back up and running quickly and easily.

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  • Leading Technology Support

    RSPN technologists maintain expertise in VMware, Microsoft and Citrix virtualization offerings.

  • Server and Desktop Virtualization

    Virtualization of your IT infrastructure and desktop devices allows for a more agile management environment.

  • Virtualize on premise or in the cloud

    If your application isn’t cloud ready or you just need to maintain close control of the application, a combination of on premise and cloud virtualization may be in order. Contact our technology experts for a closer look at what’s right for your business.

  • Increase your applications availability

    Virtualization software makes fail-over from hardware outages a snap. It is unlikely the end user will even notice that a problem has occurred in the backroom.

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