Data Center & Colocation


If you are running servers at your location, colocation to a hardened data center may be a good option.  Your up-time will likely increase and no more concerns about cooling or power outages.

Some examples:

  • You are running a handful of servers at your location?
  • The data closet is starting to get warm?
  • You have a single carrier servicing your building?
  • You need to scale your infrastructure and are out of space?
  • You have internal applications that aren’t cloud ready?

There are several options available if you are experiencing any of the above questions.  There are great data center options available in your area that are more than reasonably priced (read that as less than you are paying to cool your closet).  There are also great cloud based solutions for applications that are cloud-ready.  Give us a call or drop an email to discuss your situation.

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