$400,000 Ransom Paid by County in Georgia.

To protect this from happening in your business make sure you have a proper back-up and disaster recovery system in place that has the following components:

1. Automated – do not rely on a person to perform back-ups

2. Redundancy, including a secure, off-site location

3. Recovery time (meaning back in operation) should be minutes not days, weeks or more

4. Monitored and tested – be certain your back-ups are complete and successful

We can help you remove any confusion and meet all these requirements.  RSPN offers a program that will meet all of these needs and we provide all this under a manageable monthly payment program. Contact us today to learn more about how we manage your IT Infrastructure with several safeguards against this type of attack on your business. 

Learn more about our backup and recovery services here.  Enterprise-class tools historically have required large capital investment, however, RSPN has developed our program with small to medium businesses in mind.  Also, check out our Virtual CIO service if you are looking for ways to improve your existing IT solution. 




Dave Hansen$400,000 Ransom Paid by County in Georgia.