Workstation and Server Upgrades

Is it time to upgrade your server or workstation environment to the latest releases? RSPN can assist with server upgrades and workstation upgrades. Delivering a completely documented network environment at the end of the successful project.

Some examples:

  • The business needs to be uninterrupted and you need some help upgrading in off-hours?
  • You want to ensure there is a standard load of applications on all devices?
  • Are you sure that product licensing is correct and matches with the manufacturer?
  • There might be a skills gap with internal staff on the new technology?
  • Internal staff is busy keeping the business running?

Workstation and Server Support

Above all, we utilize business class servers and workstations to ensure your staff are productive and not fighting computer issues. RSPN utilizes a successful workstation upgrade & server upgrade process when we deploy new computer infrastructure.  This process includes standard loads and configuration of the operating system, applications and user profile information.

Also, we will also work with you and provide best practices for security and getting the most from the features your applications provide. Finally, we are with you from the beginning to the end of the project to ensure your staff is satisfied and productive.

Please, contact us today to discuss how RSPN can make your next workstation and server upgrade a success.