RSPN will handle all of your IT Services needs while you stay focused on your goals. You’ll have a custom IT support solution built for your business from the following services…

Managed IT Services for Cedar Falls & Surrounding Area

Microsoft 365 and Teams

Demand for these cloud-based solutions has exploded. We’ll help you sort out which plan and options are best for your business and make sure you have the right IT environment in place to support them.

Backup and Recovery

Stop losing sleep over missed backups and failed recoveries. Be 100% confident that your data is protected, and know you can restore your critical systems in minutes instead of hours or days.

Procurement Services

No more worrying about warranty repair, license tracking, and all of the responsibilities of maintaining hardware and software. All of your inventory and records are tied to the RSPN asset management system.

Virtual CIO Services

Outsource the burden of managing your IT completely. Many of our fully-managed IT clients have RSPN take on the role of Virtual CIO. It’s a natural fit for the strategic role we already fill for your business.

Network & Devices Monitoring

We keep a close watch over your servers, desktops and other critical network systems 24 / 7 / 365, detecting and quickly resolving issues to ensure maximum up-time for your business.

Anti-Virus Protection

New virus threats arise everyday. It takes a managed anti-virus solution like ours to remain up to date on present threats and secure your critical business data.

On-Site IT Support

When on-site service is needed to support your systems or complete updates, our expert systems technicians will be there for you. You will never receive an unexpected bill for on-site service since it is included in your fully managed services agreement.

Spam & Web Filtering

Our industry-leading Spam filtering system will eliminate inbox clutter and remove most dangerous phishing emails. We also provide a commercial-grade firewall that offers web-filtering to keep your team from reaching harmful websites. You choose which website categories or even specific websites that you want to block.

Managed Firewall

A fully-managed firewall is the first step in security for your network. Under our fully-managed plan we provide you the appropriate appliance for your business, all licenses and full support, all included in your Managed IT Services monthly plan.

Help Desk

Technical support for your team is just an email or phone call away. Our Help Desk IT experts are there to solve any issues to get your people back on task quickly.

Device Patching

Every computer has dozens of applications running that require regular updates and patches to address potential security holes. Our fully managed patching solution closes those holes quickly before they create a security threat to your business.

Solution Engineering & Project Management

Our Solution Engineers will provide expert-level plans for your IT needs. Whether you just need the right laptop, you want a plan to move to the cloud, or need a major IT equipment update, we will engineer the appropriate plan to meet your specific needs. We schedule, manage and execute your plan and provide you with status reports through project completion.

IT Consulting Services

Stay ahead of technology advances with the help of your expert Account Manager. We will help you determine the best course of action and guide you on the path towards technology solutions that help you meet your unique business goals.

Asset Management

As your business grows, your IT assets grow. Keeping tabs on all of this can be a daunting task. Don’t worry about it. We keep track of every device on your network and will help you develop a plan to stay in front of upcoming equipment and solution needs.

Additional Managed Services

Vulnerability Scanning

If information security is a top priority for you, having a periodic deep scan for any potential security weakness is advised. Our Vulnerability Scanning service will uncover hidden security gaps and resolve them to keep your business protected and operating smoothly.

Cloud Data Backup

It is a common misconception that data created in cloud applications like Microsoft 365 or Google Docs is automatically backed up. Unfortunately, this assumption is incorrect often incorrect. Our Fully Managed program includes regular back-ups of data in the cloud like Microsoft 365 email, calendars and cloud stored files.

Email Encryption

Many regulated industries require the ability to encrypt data sent via email to eliminate the risk of that information being intercepted in transit. Our email encryption service makes it simple and secure way to safely send sensitive data in an email.

(SIEM) Security Information & Event Management

Our SIEM service keeps a constant eye on activity on your most critical systems. If anything appears to be abnormal, we treat it as a potential cyber attack until it is eliminated or proven otherwise.

(MDM) Mobile Device Management

Your cell phone probably allows you to access important business information like emails or even propitiatory company documents. MDM assists in locating a lost cell phone and can remotely remove all data if the phone cannot be recovered.

Employee Security Awareness Training

Social Engineering tactics have become very sophisticated because humans are the weakest link in IT Security. Help your team be well prepared to defend your critical information with our ongoing training program.