Company and Department Moves

If you are planning to move your business to a new location or just moving a department to a different location in the building, we can help.  Be sure to get your team set up correctly with access to the resources they need to thrive.  Most importantly, let us ensure that you don’t bring any existing issues along with you.  We have a variety of Server/Workstation deployment options available to fit your budget.

Our technical logistics and relocation services include:

  • New space planning to ensure you are leaving past headaches behind.
  • Disconnect and Reconnect for office moves to a new location.
  • New equipment deployment, including Desktop Devices, Phones, Printers, and other Network Equipment.
  • Server relocation or refresh, depending on the age of the equipment.
  • Technical move planning. Above all, the most important phase of your new location.
  • Post move support.

There are a lot of actions for a successful move and some great preplanning checklists are available.  Also, one key to success is contacting your Managed Services Provider early in the process. If you have an internal IT staff, they can help move things like desktops and printers. However, when it comes to network equipment and servers, work with your MSP to determine what to move, and what to replace or upgrade.

Also, if you are moving to a new location make sure to check with the Internet Service Provider to ensure you have internet connectivity available when you need it. Above all, trust us for your Company or Department Moves and reach out to RSPN to discuss how we can make your relocation an enjoyable and painless transition.

moving and packing IT equipment