Virtual CIO

If you are looking for interim leadership or retooling your existing IT group, consider implementing our Virtual CIO program. RSPN’s senior partners have leadership experience ranging from small businesses to enterprise-level corporations.  Our Virtual CIO program is a way to have one of our seasoned professionals at the table when you make critical technology decisions for your company.

Virtual CIO Services

Some examples of where our Virtual CIO services can assist you in making key decisions for your business:

  • Implementing cost reduction measures.
  • Expanding the business through acquisitions.
  • Retooling your business processes.
  • Designing your business to align better with IT.
  • Considering moving internally hosted applications to the cloud.

Technology is complex and changes quickly.  Our businesses rely on technology to stay current and competitive.  Because of this, having a proven leader engage for your technology direction is imperative. However, hiring a full-time Chief Information Officer is an expensive proposition for a small to mid-size business. Instead, consider the alternative approach of our Virtual CIO program.

Virtual CIO Solutions

Our senior partners have proven track records managing IT organizations and experience in developing successful IT groups.  Your vCIO will learn the challenges and goals of your business.  Then we will assess your current systems and applications and build of roadmap of IT recommendations and action plan for the next 24 months. 

Next, we will develop an annual IT Budget that will allow you to plan your business without unexpected expenses.  Finally, we develop reporting to give you insight into key technology and business performance.

Give us a call to talk with one of our senior partners to see what your best options are.  Contact us today for more information.

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