Industry Expertise, Sectors that RSPN specializes in.

RSPN serves in several vertical industries and takes pride in our industry expertise. As such, our industry-experienced staff have developed several areas of technology practices.  This knowledge allows us to understand your needs and to deliver best practices with technology.  In that our industry expertise includes regulated industries such as Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Insurance.

Given that, RSPN will engage with you to ensure the next audit goes flawlessly.  In fact, we work with the banking industry (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act), the Healthcare industry (HIPAA) and state insurance regulatory acts.  After all, our goal is to not only meet your industry’s audit requirements but exceed them while still maintaining your IT budget.  Additionally, we are a Healthcare BAA friendly organization. Finally, our process is well defined to ensure we add value to your organization while maintaining your IT Budget.

We have several senior staff members that have considerable industry expertise in the following sectors.  Given that, take a look at your sector below to learn more. Then give us a call to discuss your sector with one of our industry experts.

Above all, please contact us today to discuss how our industry expertise can take your business to the next level.

Mark StewartIndustry Expertise