IT Services for Senior Care

If you provide skilled nursing, assisted or independent living services, technology is core to your organization. You are responsible for providing the best possible quality care to your residents.  With so many variables and a wide variety of specialized needs, technology is a required asset.  You must have staff and technology operating like a well-oiled machine to succeed.

Your reputation is so critical and you must protect your patient’s information or face penalties. The RSPN staff are experienced in the healthcare sector and have worked with several long term care organizations in Iowa. We provide many IT services for Senior Care including HIPAA IT assessments, and management of networks, servers, and desktop devices.

Finally, if you are struggling with technology challenges or are concerned about information security, we can help.  If you have IT staff, we have a Managed IT Services program that will assist with your unique Senior Care needs.

Take a look at additional areas that RSPN excels in for a complete listing of business sectors we support.

Contact RSPN today to learn how our experience working with senior care providers can make your business more secure and efficient.

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