Chris Belk

I understand that in today’s world technology is difficult. It is an evolving industry that does not slow down. With that in mind I always try to ensure that I am staying up to date with current events. I do this so that I can relate to our clients and be able to explain what our options are moving forward. It’s my goal to help them utilize technology in their business and be sure they feel comfortable using it.

I want our clients to think of us as being a part of their team. We strive to be an asset to be utilized for the big and small questions that can move their business forward. I enjoy getting to know the individuals working there and working with them as if they are my co-worker.

In my off time, I am a Harley rider. When I’m not spending time with my wife and kids, I enjoy the long trips with just myself and my bike. Going to small towns that people rarely visit along the road I’m traveling. Seeing the country and the coasts when you have traveled on your bike there is a different feeling entirely than hopping off a plane.

I’m pleased to be part of a team of multiple backgrounds and proficiencies. This diversity provides us a knowledge base that can deliver the best possible solutions to your business’s technology needs. At RSPN we work to build that bridge between business and technology.