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Microsoft 365 Productivity and Management Tools are taking the business world by storm.  Businesses are now utilizing the suite of Microsoft applications and services every day.  As a result, they are more mobile, agile, and technologically progressive than those relying solely on their on-premise IT infrastructure.

Some reasons for moving to Microsoft 365:

  • Does your team need better collaboration tools when working remotely?
  • Are you spending internal or external staff resources to maintain an internal Microsoft Exchange email server?
  • Are you looking for a predictable monthly operating expense budget?
  • Do you have a cloud initiative underway to shed internal infrastructure and capital costs?
  • Have you experienced downtime with your current email solution?

There is a rapid movement to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is now approaching 300 million users, and that number has grown from 200 million in just over a year.   The pandemic has driven many businesses to adapt to cloud-based solutions like Microsoft 365.  For example, enterprise-class businesses have moved their email and other tools to the Microsoft Cloud.  Licensing is done on a per-user subscription basis and can be adjusted as your business grows.

Microsoft 365 is available in a variety of plans.  These include traditional Microsoft Applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  Additionally, the various packages include services like OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Microsoft Teams.  Many Microsoft 365 subscriptions include desktop applications for the Mac and PC as well as online versions to provide access to applications even when no internet connection is available.

Microsoft 365 caters to the new “work-from-home” business culture

Your work-from-home and mobile workers will enjoy the convenience of having their files and email available all of the time.  No more dragging along thumb drives, CDs, or other legacy media devices.  Also, Microsoft Teams allows remote workers to easily communicate with co-workers, collaborate on projects, and conduct virtual meetings, all from the safety of their home office.

We have a few blog posts on several of the Microsoft 365 products and services, take a look at a couple of them here and here.  If your business is contemplating the move to Microsoft 365 or would like to get more out of your current implementation, reach out and talk to one of our experts.

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