Beware of Coronavirus Phishing Scams

The FTC is warning consumers of an increase in scams related to the coronavirus outbreak. Along with the FDA, they issued to seven sellers of products claiming to treat or prevent COVID19. The FTC is also warning the public of an expected increase in phishing scams.

Dave HansenBeware of Coronavirus Phishing Scams
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Security Assessments Critical to Business

What you don’t know can hurt your business.

Will a ransomware attack shut down your business? Or perhaps you or someone on your staff has confidential information like credit card numbers, social security numbers or ACH account information stored on the computer. Has your password been compromised and is now for sale on the Dark Web? If you don’t know these answers, a network security assessment will provide you the knowledge you need to be secure.

Dave HansenSecurity Assessments Critical to Business
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Cybersecurity Statistics for 2019.

If you only read the first paragraph of this article, it should be enough to raise a concern about cyber security in your business. – “with some countries now basing their economy around cyber crime.” – Looks like we have a lot of work to do to defend our businesses.

Dave HansenCybersecurity Statistics for 2019.
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The Big, Bad Wolf of Cyber Crime

Imagine you have a pile of cash that you use to buy all the things in your life that you need to survive. You buy your food, pay your utility bills, pay for your home. You use it to purchase everything else you need to continue living your current lifestyle. Pretend for a moment that there are no banks so everything you need to purchase you pay for from this stack of money. Are you with me?

Dave HansenThe Big, Bad Wolf of Cyber Crime
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