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Keeping current with quickly evolving technology is difficult for business leaders.  You want to stay focused on your core business but you need trusted partners to guide you in less familiar areas.  In many large corporations this responsibility belongs to the Chief Information Officer, or CIO.  A CIO will oversee the IT department and provide guidance with technology related decisions.  However, staffing this position in a small or medium business is often cost-prohibitive.

Technology drives business today so understanding how it impacts your business is vital to growth and success.  Many small to medium-sized businesses struggle in this area.  The person responsible for influencing technology decisions, in many cases, was not hired to do that.  IT responsibilities may have been handed to them simply because they are proficient on a computer.  This often falls in the lap of accounting or marketing, for instance, because of their perceived expertise.  Unfortunately, selecting who is responsible for technology in your business this way will lead to problems.  Often, a virtual CIO, or vCIO, can be a perfect solution to this problem.

What does a CIO do?Friday Funny

Managing the IT department is only a portion of the responsibilities of a CIO.  This article from Business News Daily provides great insight into the role of a CIO and how they are involved in technology decisions that drive strategic initiatives.  The article, for instance, mentions translating technical solutions into practical terms.  This is a critical skill for an effective CIO.  This rare blend of technical expertise and communication skills are difficult to find.  Salaries for a CIO can range from $100,000 to $250,000 so many companies simply can’t afford to staff this position.  As a result, RSPN created our Virtual CIO program.

RSPN offers Virtual CIO Services from some of the most experienced, innovative technology minds in the area. Our plan provides an experienced CIO to work with your leadership team at a fraction of the cost of hiring for that position. Talk with us today about how you can have executive-level leadership “at the table” when you are making technology decisions that will impact your business for years?

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