VMware vulnerability a major security weakness

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Experts urge applying security patch immediately.

There is a significant weakness in the security of the popular network management software, VMware. This vulnerability can allow hackers full control of VMWare and result in severe damage to a business.

VMware is software that allows the sharing of resources on a physical server across multiple virtual machines. Because of these capabilities, it has become very popular and is common in many business networks.

A known security hole in a product with the scale of VMware is an attractive target for cybercriminals. Businesses need to act quickly to protect themselves from potentially devastating attacks.

News of this weakness has hackers racing to locate and attack unpatched servers. If they gain access, they can launch cyber-attacks like ransomware, data theft or simply selling the access to other crooks looking to cash in.

What should IT managers do to protect their network?

Fortunately, VMware quickly addressed the issue and released a patch to eliminate the security hole. You can find the patch here on the VMware website. Download and apply it immediately to any instance of VMware in operation on your network.

Reports surfaced this week that ransomware attacks are already occurring associated with this threat. Because of this, businesses should be taking steps to protect their network immediately.

How to know if your network has vulnerabilities

Unless you are in the IT field, you likely don’t find yourself scouring tech websites or IT security blogs. If that is true for you, how would you learn of other potential weaknesses in your network security? Most likely, you need some help.

Security holes in software show up all the time. Some software companies will even pay people to find bugs in their programs. Someone discovers a flaw in a program allowing unintended access or manipulation of the program and the software company pays them for it. They do this so they can make their product more secure.

Once they know the weakness, they develop a patch or update to correct the flaw. However, patches and updates often require a restart or other user action to complete. A computer often has several security holes because it does not update or even restart regularly.

Find an IT partner to help

Hiring a partner to conduct a security assessment will help you discover weaknesses in your network. For instance, many IT services companies offer some kind of network assessment. Be aware, however, that not all IT assessments are the same.

Revealing security holes in your network, like the VMware vulnerability, is often done by running a Vulnerability Scan. This scan will find these unpatched applications and updates missed that could leave you exposed to attack. Plus, most scan reports provide you with steps of how to resolve any discovered issues.

RSPN offers Security Assessments including vulnerability scans and full reports. Call us today for help protecting your business.

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