Microsoft Phone System – Great for Remote Workers

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How are you handling telephone service for your remote workers?

With so many people sent home to work over the past year, providing telephone service to those workers often has proven to be a big challenge.  They could use their cell phones, but unless those are provided by your business, new problems arise from that approach.

Did you know that Microsoft offers calling capabilities from within Microsoft 365?

If your business has made the move to using Microsoft 365 for email, adding Microsoft phone system and a calling plan could be a great option for you.  Microsoft makes it simple to add calling capabilities to your existing Microsoft 365 subscription.  Calls are made from the Microsoft Teams app which is included in most M365 subscriptions.  All you need is a computer with a connection to the internet and you can function just like you are in your sitting at your office at work.

Microsoft Teams adds other communication capabilities like chat and video conferencing that truly create a mobile virtual office.  Having the Microsoft phone system and calling plan allows those functions and calling to work with people outside your organization.

Just a laptop and an internet connection

To make calls from a computer using the Microsoft phone system will work using the speakers and microphone built into most modern laptops.  However, many people prefer a headset instead.  This can be either a wired or wireless headset.  Many webcams also have microphones built-in which may also meet your needs as well.

For users who still prefer a traditional telephone handset, there are many options available.  Microsoft phone system also includes many capabilities like call forwarding to a cell phone, voice mail to email and others found in sophisticated phone systems.

What about the cost?

You may expect this to be expensive. However, Microsoft has designed it to be competitive with other phone system applications like Ring Central and Nextiva, among others.  In most cases, the subscription will cost $20 per month in addition to whatever Microsoft 365 subscription you already have. 

This plan makes this option quite appealing for many small businesses.  Purchasing a new phone system and paying for traditional phone lines or Voice over IP dial tone really adds up.  $20 per month per user often is a much better option for a business and can solve the struggles of providing phone service to remote workers.

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